Resources for Neurodiverse Individuals.

Career Exchange Forum is a video series interviewing autistic adults who want to share their career journey. This video series is specifically for autistic adults looking for help either finding a job or looking for job options and help.

How you can help

Participate in the Career Screening Assessment Pilot 

We are looking for a group of young adults, 18-40 years old to volunteer for the Career Screening Assessment pilot.

Participant Requirements:

  • Individuals must be have an official diagnosis of Autism or other developmental disabilities
  • Be able to engage in the assessment for its estimated duration (Approximately 2 hours)
  • Be able to travel to assessment venue (TBD later)
  • Willing to be videotaped for evaluation purposes
  • Complete Caregiver Questionnaire
  • Video of candidate or a complete Candidate Questionnaire
  • Participants will receive a career portfolio for use in future job searches 

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Telephone: (650) 483-7174

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Get In Touch


(650) 483-7174

[email protected]